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Spain Uncovered

Aug 18, 2014

03.19 Summary of the podcast.
04.44 Lorca's poetry for children.
07.20 Caroline Angus-Baker reviews Lorca's Impresiones y Paisajes.11.25 The influence of New York on Lorca's work.
16.20 Federico García Lorca on theatre.
20.30 Lorca and "La Barraca" and more on Lorca on theatre.
25.00 María Ferrara talks about the language in Lorca's plays.
29.20 Lorca's portrayal of women.
31.53 The Butterfly's Evil Spell. (El maleficio de la mariposa.)
41.12 When Five Years Pass  (Así que pasen cinco años) and The Public (El público).
53.48 Gazpacho Monk remembers Lorca.
57.00 Epilogue